Spaghetti Dinner

An annual event begun by Marla and Dom D’Ascoli, the Spaghetti¬†Dinner enables all Rotarians in the Daybreak Club an opportunity to pitch it.

greeting spaghetti super1From Greeting at the door to preparing take out to bussing tables, we all have fun serving supper and earning money for our service projects throughout the year.

For the past few years, we have held the supper at the First United Methodist Church. Dinners may be eaten in an atmosphere of an Italian Restaurant with Rotarian servers or taken out. We did a bumper business of take out about equal to our seated patrons.

This year Terri Stenger led us to a stellar evening earning over $4,000 for Books for the MVI library, scholarships, the Winter Basketball Tournament and the Cancer Care Center.

At left Sheila Price and David Beam greet folks at the door.

To the right Rotarians prepare dinners for take out.spaghetti super