The Rotary Foundation

At our installation on July 1, we also celebrated those in the club that have given substantially to The Rotary Foundation.

To finish out the presentations, the Trustees of  The Rotary Foundation and our club had the honor to express appreciation to a couple who has made a substantial contribution toward the goals of international understanding and peace; and honor the humanitarian and educational programs of The Rotary Foundation by becoming Major Donors – Beverly Mason and Tom Coley . Major Donors give outright $10,000 to the Annual Fund.

Beverly and Tom as Major Donors are among a dedicated group of humanitarians who have committed themselves to helping others less fortunate. This special group of people are changing the lives of children, young people and adults through a legacy of hope.

Contributions like theirs enable the Foundation to carry out an array of programs through Rotarians and Rotary Clubs throughout the world.

bevand tom with crystal1These programs improve living conditions both locally and globally,

Increase food production and clean water programs,

Provide classrooms and educational materials for schools,

Allay suffering of the sick and disabled and supply immunizations and medical treatment.

For it is only as basic needs are met, can people pursue the larger elements of human life including conflict resolution, community building and peace. Beverly and Tom in a very tangible way, provide stepping stones to a more harmonious world.

In appreciation for this investment in the future of humanity, the Trustees wish to expressed their gratitude by presenting a crystal engraved with their names and depicts doves bearing olive branches – the universal symbols of peace and a pin with a diamond. We hope they will wear the pin as a constant reminder to all of us of the work left to be done.

Thank you again, Beverly, Tom for your generous support. Franklin daybreak Rotary – our newest Major Donors.

This club of extraordinary individuals averaged $327 per member in donations to the Foundation for a total of $11,500.

Rotary Club of Franklin Daybreak, you all are truly amazing and YOU give the world HOPE